Business Broadband

Our business broadband packages are ideal for any business that needs a quality connection at a reasonable price. Being independent allows us to find the best connection for your needs from our list of trusted partners.

Because we are a true supplier and not a dealer, we will check your local exchange and get you connected to the best possible supply. We can provide your business with a cost effective, quality broadband connection.



Up to 24 Mbps

Unlimited usage


Up to 76 Mbps

Unlimited usage


Up to 330 Mbps

Unlimited usage

Leased Lines

If something more powerful is required, we can provide you with a dedicated internet connection that is faster and more reliable than a standard broadband connection.

Leased lines are uncontested, meaning that you don’t have to share any bandwidth with your neighbours and bandwidth is symmetrical, so your upload and download speeds will be the same.

Your speeds remain constant and your supply is truly your own. Get in touch with Zero 7 today for a no obligation quote.

If you want to discuss any of our products or solutions you can contact us by calling us on 01271 370707